Monday, August 27, 2012

Play with Your Food!

You may have noticed the cookie world has been a buzz with some teasers for a fun project! And total you get to see all of the amazing work these ladies created!! I myself am blown away!

A truly wonderful collection of amazing work from some really talented cookie artist!

Take a look for yourself!

1. Crossword Puzzle by Natalie, Palestine Painted Cookie
2. Poker Set, by Debbie, Mt. Lookout Sweets
3. Cootie, by Kookie Kreations by Kim

1. Paper Dolls by, Elizabeth, Arty Mcgoo

1. Scrabble by, Anne, Flour Box Bakery
2. Candyland by, Nicole, Life's a Batch
3. Pin the Tail on the Donkey by Vicki, Sweet Tweets

1. Words with Friends by, Hillary, The Cookie Countess
2. Ms. Pacman by, MeFlour De Lis
3. Hungry Hungry Hippos by, Andrea, Cupookie

1. Twister by, Jill FCS
2. Dominos by, Jeannette, Sweet Dough
3. Wooly Willy by, Angela, Oh Sugar Events

1. Vintage Fisher Price Toys by, Callye, Sweet Sugarbelle
3. Marbles, Jacks, Horseshoes and Pick-up-Sticks by, Anita, Sweet Hope Cookies

I hope you enjoy looking at all off these wonderful and nostalgic toys as much as we enjoyed creating them! There is always an element of fun when you get to recreate a part of your childhood and then eat it ;) 

Flour De Lis