Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My favorite cookie cutters

Cookie cutters are amazing little tools! They have so many uses, at least that's what I tell my boyfriend when he asks "do you really need more?!?"
I mean aside from being cookie cutters, they can also be used as stencils for scrapbooking and other crafts. They make cute little tie-ons for gift packaging, can be used to decorate your kitchen and as Christmas ornaments!
I have a few favorite cutters, that I use every year, some that I uses every month! But it's always nice to branch out and add tools to your trade :)
It's a really wonderful thing to find a local store that carries cookie cutters in a variety of shapes, but that doesn't happen too often. And when it does, I find myself immersed for hours looking at all the different shapes wondering what I could do with each one and when I'll get a chance to use it! Most places however only carry a few seasonal cutters. So I typically turn to the Internet to find what I am looking for.
There are a lot of great sites out there, but I recently found one that carries just about everything you can imagine! What's even better than their variety (in my opinion) is that all their tin cutters are recyclable! Who knew that stocking up on cookie cutters could also make you feel greener :)
I've already ordered from this site, and what do you know, I am back for more! I have about 10  35 new shapes in my cart right now, but have to wait until I check out one more local store before I buy.
If you want to check out the great selection, low prices and reasonable shipping, go here.
Be sure to check out American Tradition Cookie Cutters!

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