Saturday, September 24, 2011

Egg Cups

Another great idea from Pinterest.

These egg cups are easy and delicious!

I made two varieties; turkey, red pepper and basil, and tomato, red pepper and basil with avocado and fresh salsa.

Added some lovely bacon roses for the boy and cute little heart shaped toasts to make it a meal.

I only get to make breakfast on the weekends, since I am up for work at 5 am and out of the house hours before DH2B is even awake. So I like to try new things and keep it fun when I can.

Fall is here too, so we had to have out spicy chai :)

It's been a great day so far! 
Now off to go hiking so we can enjoy what looks to be the last day of sunshine before the rainy season (read next 9 months) gets underway.

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